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$25 Million in Breakthrough Prizes Given in Science and Math


Fundamental Physics There were two physics prizes awarded this year. In May, Mr. Milner, the founder of the Breakthrough initiative, announced a special $3 million prize to the LIGO (for Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory) experiment, which detected gravitational waves from colliding black holes last year. A third of the money …

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HIV 'game-changer' now on NHS


Image copyright SPL A drug that dramatically reduces the risk of being infected with HIV will now be given to patients by the NHS in England. The health service lost a court battle in the summer after arguing it was not their responsibility. However, at least 10,000 people will be …

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Wales' top-paid locum doctor paid £183,000 in 2015-16


Image copyright Thinkstock Wales’ top-earning locum doctor was paid £183,000 in 2015-16, according to new figures. Aneurin Bevan University Health Board had the highest and second highest-paid locum – at £159,000, BBC Wales learned via a Freedom of Information request. The total spend on non-permanent workers by the trusts and …

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G.O.P. Plans Immediate Repeal of Health Law, Then a Delay


It is not sheer coincidence that at least one idea envisions putting the effective date well beyond the midterm congressional elections in 2018. Continue reading the main story “We are not going to rip health care away from Americans,” said Representative Kevin Brady, Republican of Texas and chairman of the …

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Fizzy facts


Image copyright Thinkstock So is this the news we were all waiting for? The suggestion that drinking prosecco is good for us has resurfaced on social media just in time for the Christmas party season. But is it true? Well, it actually crops up fairly regularly Quite a few studies …

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'Drinking plenty of fluids' advice questioned


Image copyright Science Photo Library Image caption How much water is safe to drink? Doctors often advise patients to “drink plenty of fluids” when unwell, but the case of a 59-year-old woman shows that drinking too much water too quickly can be dangerous. She developed hyponatraemia or water intoxication after …

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Does Gene Testing Spur Healthier Habits? Maybe Not


Photo Would knowing you are at high genetic risk for developing a disease like diabetes motivate you to live a healthier life? A new study suggests it wouldn’t. Researchers at Cambridge University provided written information about the risk factors, prevention, treatment and consequences of Type 2 diabetes to 569 healthy …

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'I worried it might explode'


Image copyright Science Photo Library An increasing number of British people are opting for cosmetic procedures. Many are happy with the results – but the £3.6bn UK cosmetic industry is unregulated, leading to concerns about its safety. “As soon as it was done I got in my car and cried …

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